Privacy, Data Usage, Your Data

Sysdef is from the old-school Internet. We believe in simplicity, privacy, and transparency.

This website is hosted on Heroku in the European Union.

We do not log anything about our visitors other than that someone requested a particular page, at a particular time, whether or not that request succeeded, and how long it took to service the request.

The site uses Javascript only for the menus on the right of the page. If you use NoScript or a similar technology to disable Javascript, the only difference is cosmetic, and minor.

The parts of the site under our control do not use cookies.

However, some of the technical articles use embedded Wavefront charts. For these to work you must accept third-party cookies and allow Javascript for the domain.

The site uses Google Fonts. We do not believe this affects your privacy, but the policy of using Google's API is under review. Here is Google's FAQ on consumer privacy. If you block access to Google's API, the site should still look at least similar.