Getting to a T2000 ALOM over serial
17 January 2012

I had a T2000 whose ALOM address I didn’t know. Due to modern laptops not having proper serial ports, and me not having any modern cables, the only way I could connect to the T2000 serial management port was with a 9-pin D -> RJ45 Cisco serial cable, going out the back of a v210. To further complicate matters, I could only connect to the v210 via its ALOM!

I got connected to the T2000 no problem

# tip hardwire

But – can you see what’s coming? – I needed to do #. to get to the T2000 LOM, and whenever I did that, the v210 interpreted the command and dropped me back into its own LOM.

Here’s what I did.

# echo '#.' >send

I had to do that by putting a space after the #, then backspacing and doing the . so they weren’t successive keystrokes. Then

# tip hardwire
~[put] send
1 lines transferred in 0 seconds

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I do make life complicated for myself sometimes.